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Disposable Liquid Container

LiquiSet, a patented disposable liquid tote which reduces your filling and handling cost, replaces metal or plastic drums, provides efficient storage and transportation, requires no reconditioning and produces no contamination.

LiquiSet, a disposable liquid container, is manufactured with heavy duty corrugated boards. It offers you and your customers the following advantages over other IBC\'s (Intermediate Liquid Bulk Containers):

  • Reduces your filling and handling cost.
  • Replaces metal or plastic drums.
  • Provides efficient storage and transportation.
  • Requires no reconditioning.
  • Produces no contamination.
  • Preparation for filling takes one person less than one minute.
  • LiquiSet is compact, self-contained, and ships fully assembled. Warehouse storage space is significantly reduced.
  • Unlike returnable totes, there is no cost of return freight or cleaning.
  • Several types of flexible liquid liners are available to support various product applications.
  • Our disposable totes are used to transport non-hazardous liquids such as food and soft chemicals.
  • Our disposable bulk liquid container is made with heavy corrugated and laminated cardboard.
  • This IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) replaces drums (metal and plastic) and pails.